eBook: Understanding High-Performing Teams – The 5 Core Elements of Interaction

If you’re leading or working with others and depending on their support, you have probably experienced frustration with any number of breakdowns that typically occur. Find out how you can identify and mitigate these breakdowns and avoid generating waste and lost value for your organization.

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Team Dysfunction Checklist

Anecdotal research reveals the most common complaints among coworkers concern misunderstandings or failure of internal performers to deliver as promised. This typically results in frustration, distrust, resentment, and dissatisfaction. The first step to resolve these issues is to determine what is working and what is not.

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TEAMICITY: Better Productivity Through Optimized Communication … The Anatomy of Highly Effective Team Interactions

“TEAMICITY brings powerful new meaning to the overused term “productivity.” Rather than a narrow definition of efficiency, i.e. getting the most measurable work out of the individual worker, TEAMICITY re-imagines productivity as social synergy – the result of well-coordinated alignment around goals, mutual support, and accountability for commitments…”

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High-Performance Interactions Inventory (HPII)

If, as a manager, you have concerns, issues, or frustrations about producing your products and services, then consider taking the High-Performance Interactions Inventory (HPII). The HPII will help you get oriented and absolutely clear about your current competence in managing your daily productivity conversations. The HPII is to running your business as a GPS is to navigate your car – it will help guide you to your desired destination.

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Sample High-Performance Interactions Inventory (HPII)

Not ready to take the HPII? Preview a sample of a completed High-Performance Interactions Inventory for individual coaching and see for yourself how the personalized results are delivered.

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Sample High-Performance Interactions Inventory for a Team

Frustrated or disappointed with your team’s productivity and competence to work together? Preview a sample of a completed evaluation of an operations team. See for yourself how both the team and personalized results are delivered.

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integration assessment thumb

The Integration Assessment

In attempting to build cultures where people respond to the requests of “internal customers,” organizations run into problems. People have dependencies, so naturally, they request others to help them out. If you are experiencing issues with cooperation, coordination, or collaboration between internal teams, departments, business units, or external teams such as vendors, consider The Integration Assessment.

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Book: More, Better, Different – Getting What You Want through a Proven Dynamic for Successful Leadership

You know you need to get results. We all do. But many leaders lack a structured way to take their ideas to results. More, Better, Different will help you replace uncertainty with the confidence that you can produce results consistently and effectively by using a blueprint that has helped hundreds of leaders. You’ll find here a systematic way to optimize your most important competence: controlling outcomes.

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The Goal Achiever for Business Leaders

Mini EBook: How to take Your Ideas to Projects and be ready for Action.

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