Book: More, Better, Different – Getting What You Want through a Proven Dynamic for Successful Leadership

Replace uncertainty with a systematic way to optimize and control outcomes.

As a leader, you know you need to get results, but many leaders lack a structured way to take their ideas from concept to results. Instead, too many leaders rely on what is comfortable and habitual.

That would be fine if it weren’t for one big problem: those comfortable things too often fail.

In this guidebook to tackling business problems, the authors draw on their decades of working with business leaders to provide a clear methodology to increase control over intended outcomes. Learn how to:

  • instill a customer-focused system that will meet organizational goals
  • generate results that match internal and external expectations, and
  • replace uncertainty with confidence that objectives will be met

You’ll also learn ways to outpace competitors, evaluate the effectiveness of a given strategy, and gain insights into projects without micromanaging.

Get a clear idea of where you want to go, steer clear of the obstacles that could trip you up, and achieve goals through the contributions of others with More, Better, Different.

Available in Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback from Amazon.

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