Robert Lauridsen, The Business Psychologist

Consultant, Trainer, and Author

You may be thinking, “Just what is a business psychologist?” My job as a business psychologist is to help leaders and their teams produce results consistently and effectively by using a blueprint that has helped hundreds of leaders. My purpose is to optimize a leader’s most important competence: controlling outcomes.

Leaders need to get results and many strongly desire to improve their productivity. My process for doing this with teams and business units is to ensure alignment, foster mutual support and generate an accountability culture. This optimizes the odds that what a leader intends to accomplish will actually get done. This system is about power, not the kind of power associated with domination, but the power of tapping collaborative efforts.

Corporate clients have called me a “master of the disciplines of communication and execution”. One client noted I have the ability to communicate and transfer a deep knowledge of what underlies effective interaction between people.

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