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How Good Is Your Execution?

“Business schools unleash throngs of aspiring strategist and big-picture thinkers into the corporate world every year. Yet studies have found that less than 10 percent of effectively formulated strategies carry through to successful implementation.”

Why Does this Happen?
In our work we’ve asked our clients for answers. They point to things like disinterest, misunderstanding, misplaced self-interest, and failure to follow through.

We’ve learned that the nature of today’s work calls for new perspectives and new practices that have not always been taught or institutionalized. If companies are to succeed in today’s competitive, changing environment, their leaders must master new tools and develop new ways of working with and through others.

What Can We Do?
strategies-xs-osIn our experience effective execution for this age comes down to three key elements:

  • A New Frame of Reference: A different leadership and management perspective that will change how leaders think about setting direction and getting work done.
  • Positioning Tools: The means to optimize your odds of accomplishing intended goals by setting up a context for all future interactions.
  • Interaction Tools: Conversational tools to dramatically increase everyone’s ability to align on goals and get things done through others, thereby closing the gap between results promised and results delivered.

Why Contact Lauridsen-Reinhardt Group?
Simply stated, our consulting and programs are about increasing your control of outcomes. They are focused on optimizing the odds that what you intend to accomplish will actually get done. In that sense, we’re talking about power. Not the kind of power associated with domination, but the power of getting done what you say you will get done through the contributions of others…

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