Human Performance Interactions Inventory (HPII)

As a leader, how effective are your interactions?

Gain Personal Insights

One thing that’s clear in this world of fast change and increased interdependencies is that managers and individual contributors must work together smoothly and seamlessly. It could be said that the life-blood of any organization is interaction. It is critical that people effectively cooperate, collaborate, coordinate action, build trust, and listen.

But typically people work with each other in a state of blindness regarding how they go about interacting with others. The Lauridsen Reinhardt Group’s Human Performance Interaction Inventory assesses the critical components of “high-performance interaction” revealing to the participant how they might be blocking their efforts at increasing productivity through their interactions with others.

Gain the Insights of a 1:1 Coach

Team members who complete the HPII gain the insights of a 1:1 coach, and with their help, participants develop areas for growth and hone their skills for improved interactions. Completion of the HPII often leads to increased value in the leader’s daily interactions by accelerating the development of the non-technical and relational aspects of their communication with others.

Designed for leaders, managers, and individual contributors roles, the HPII has helped hundreds of people to understand and change the way they converse (interact) when planning, producing, and innovating.

How it Works

The HPII can be administered to a select individual who rates him/her Self and is rated by 5-6 Raters selected by the participant as noted below.

  1. HPII 1 (Self-Assessment)
      The individual self-assesses their interaction competence in the areas of cooperating, coordinating action, collaborating, building trust, and effective listening.
  2. HPII 2 (Raters’ Assessments)
    1. Up to 6 of the focal individual’s peers, managers, and subordinates provide feedback on key elements of interaction. All assessments come to the Lauridsen Reinhardt office, are averaged and analyzed, then a report is prepared.
    2. No one in the company sees individual ratings, and only the person being rating sees the report.  The person rated can share the report with a mentor or coach as desired.  There is an option to select a coaching session with one of our staff experts when buying the test.

The HPII Report

When completed, results and recommendations are presented to the individual in a comprehensive, confidential report along with our HPII Self-Development Guide.  The report identifies the individual’s interaction strengths (both known and unrecognized), blind spots and stumbling blocks that might hinder effective interaction, negatively impact productivity and slow their career development.

The individual can work on their own with the HPII Self-Development Guide, or as noted above, an HPII consultant or accredited practitioner can guide them through the findings and help them develop a step by step strategy to deal with areas that might need improvement.

HPII Instructions

How to Complete the Inventory for Yourself

When you schedule the HPII and select either the Stand Alone Inventory or the Inventory with Coaching Session, you will receive an email with two links. The first allows you to access your HPII Self-Assessment, while the second link allows you to invite 5 to 6 people you would like to have rate you. They will subsequently receive an email, click on the link to receive their inventory with instructions and will rate you, then submit their assessment.

For maximum value, distribute to 5-6 people who:

  • Work with you and know you well,
  • Are trustworthy and credible and,
  • Have good intentions; want to assist you with your growth and development by learning more about your interactions.

How to Have a Team Member Complete an Inventory 

When you schedule a team member’s High-Performance Interactions Inventory you may select the Stand Alone Inventory or the Inventory with Coaching Session. The person you desire to be assessed will then receive an email notification with two links to the assessments. The first link allows the person to complete their Self-Assessment while the second link allows them to invite 5 to 6 people they would like to have rate them. The Raters the person selects will click on the link to receive their inventory and will rate the person, and then submit their assessment.

The Inventory includes instructions for their raters on how to take and submit their inventory.

How to Have All Team Members Take the HPII

If you wish to have your entire team rate each other, we will arrange this with you and share instructions on how to proceed.

Confidentiality is respected.

Remember you and others on your team individually receive their own report. Also, you and the team members will not see individual ratings, but will see an average score (all five or six raters) with a narrative interpretation.
Scores are interpreted, and the narrative report is written personally by Dr. Lauridsen.

Again, no one in the company sees ratings, and the report is delivered to the person being assessed. Confidentiality is key to your work identity, and we honor that fully.

If you select the HPII with Coaching Session, Dr. Lauridsen will help you interpret the report, answer questions, and get you going with the Self-Development Guide to ensure you receive maximum value.

Questions? Please contact us for more information or for support with ordering and implementation.

We are available to support you with questions and administration of the inventories at or 408-560-9325. To expedite, please indicate you are inquiring about the HPII Inventory.

Thank you for your interest in the High-Performance Interactions Inventory.
Robert Lauridsen, Ph.D.

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