The Integration Assessment

A Lauridsen Reinhardt Group Resource for Assessing Interactions Between Teams

If you perform any type of work, chances are you’ve encountered situations where your team has had to work with other internal or external teams. If you’re experience is such that this has been more problematic than constructive, you and your team may benefit from The Integration Assessment (TIA.)

Typically, the TIA is administered to work units, cross-functional teams, or entire departments. Individuals are asked to answer questions focused on group to group interactions where they have dependencies for producing products or services.
The Integration Assessment survey reveals the general level of interaction between various units and highlights areas of high and low functioning. Additionally, the survey reveals specific areas the group can address to improve interactions and move to a higher level of integration – and productivity. The survey is also a teaching tool as people begin to see what it takes to have a highly-collaborative, smooth-functioning work experience.

To learn more about the four levels of integration and review some sample survey results, download The Integration Assessment.

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