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  • “Using your high-performance, accountability system has helped our executive team evolve into an integrated, productive unit. Having consistently applied your high accountability system for more than a decade, we’ve made enormous gains in productivity and profit and have effectively translated strategic vision into bottom-line results. ”

    Tom Hayse, CEO, ETM

    High Performance Organization
  • You have taken sophisticated management theories and direct experience derived from many consulting engagements and synthesized a practical ‘management system’ that is transformational for teams striving to improve their operational effectiveness and productivity. It has worked extremely well for us.

    Michael Paczan, V.P., Vast Technologies

    Practice Management System
  • You are masters of the discipline of execution, possessing a deep knowledge of what underlies effective action between people. If you are interested in removing the road blocks to progress in your business, this consulting program is for you.

    Gabe Sakakeeny, Faculty and Curriculum Manager, Strategic Change Team, Agilent Technologies

    Consultant Training
  • I am seeing commitments followed through more timely from my team and the team itself has observed that resources they work with are hitting their commitments more reliably. Overall satisfaction levels have increased as people better understand their roles and expectations.”

    Bill Analla, Program Manager, Oracle Corporation

    Executive Coaching

Our single focus: helping leaders produce on their strategy; breaking it down and getting it done.

If you are serious about increasing productivity and profit, we have a great offer for you. For over a period of 18 years, with the help of our clients, we have developed a consulting process that helps organizations increase productivity, performance and profit.

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As our corporate consulting services moved us in and out of large, medium, and small companies, we found that most organizations experienced similar issues around producing and executing goals and strategy. It became clear that if companies were to succeed and grow in this competitive, ever-changing environment, they would need to foster a functional operational dynamic of working with and through others. One client, Carl, began to see the competitive advantage of the system Robert brought to his company and suggested working together to share what he had learned. At that point Robert and Carl joined forces.

Our purpose over the next years is to share our proprietary productivity system with leaders, managers and contributors.

While we (Robert and Carl) work together, we also have specialties.

To learn more about Robert, Your Business Psychologist, click on the link below:

Business Psychologist
To learn more about Carl, The Financial Advisor’s Resource, click on the link below:

Advisor’s Resource

The result is people working together more effectively within teams, department and cross functionally, with their customers and vendors.

Early Praise for Our New Book: TEAMICITY: Better Productivity Through Optimized Communication…The Anatomy of Highly Effective Team Interactions

TEAMICITY: Better Productivity Through Optimized Communication...The Anatomy of Highly Effective Team Interactions

What leader or manager doesn’t want energized, productive, satisfied workers, delighted customers, consistent efficiency and effectiveness, and breakthrough innovation?

TEAMICITY: Better Productivity through Optimized Communication … The Anatomy of Highly Effective Team Interactions shows how teams, groups, and entire companies actually get things done—and how having the mindset to drive results is key to creating incredible products and delivering great service.

“Your new Kindle book describes one of the most powerful, proven, people-oriented systems for developing agility and generating results ever developed.”
– Mark Morgan, CEO, Stratex Partners, Inc.

Our latest book presents a change in the way managers interact with, lead, and manage others. Our approach advocates a shift in the philosophy, perspective, and approach to leading and managing.

To this end, we are proposing a proven system of complementary and integrated skills, tools, and practices co-developed with leading organizations that include Agilent Technologies, BEA Systems (Oracle), ETM, Adobe Systems, Wheel Works, PLUS Products, and the Stanford Advanced Project Management program.

With this system, leaders and managers can learn how to create a more effective working environment and achieve the outcomes they envision for their companies.

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Team Dysfunction Checklist

Team Dysfunction ChecklistAnecdotal research reveals the most common complaints among coworkers concern misunderstandings or failure of internal performers to deliver as promised. This typically results in frustration, distrust, resentment, and dissatisfaction.

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Getting What You Want Through a Proven Leadership System

Introduction and Background to our new Blog ...A Proven System for Optimizing Productivity and Profit Staying Competitive in a Changing World Have you ever wondered how effective you are as a leader of your company, department, or team? Do you have tools or methods that you use to evaluate the qualities, strategies, or processes you bring to that leadership position? If you could isolate a … [More]

"You have unlocked the code for effective communication. The system you shared at Stanford University is clearly needed for anyone charged with innovation and high-performance productivity. It is honest, non-manipulative and extremely effective. It delivers the highest ROI I have ever seen. It is repeatable, scalable, teachable, straight forward and universally accepted. "

Mark Morgan, CEO, StratEx Advisors, Inc.
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