Consultant Training

You want to start or expand your consulting business and you have got a lot of questions. You know the feeling…

  • You wonder if this is the right time.
  • Maybe you have started your business and it has stalled.
  • Question whether you convince someone they need my help.
  • What really can I offer? How do I create value?
  • What are the steps to designing a successful consulting practice?
  • What are the stages of any consulting process? Where do I start?
  • What competencies do I need?
  • How much can I charge?

Let’s get right to the point. There has never been a better time to expand or launch your consulting business. You can simply and systemically propel your consulting career and business to the next level. Discover a simple, proven system that provides you with a competitive advantage to getting clients, making bold promises, and delivering as promised.

Ask consultants to list their frustrations launching or expanding their consulting business and they wil point to things like, “how do I get started, how do I get in front of buyers, how can I get them to level with me so I know their issues and pain points, what do I share with them, how can I build trust so they see me as the go to person and how do I get them to say: okay I like it, let’s go?”

You can build your business by yourself. Some do that well and others find it difficult. It took me (Robert Lauridsen) 10,000 hours to get good at what I do and get rave reviews from clients. I only wish I had my system and support available at the time I started.You can go to school and get an MBA and start a business.You can join a coaching training program.

  • But what if there was a way to leverage the managerial competence you have gained by adding a proven, up to date complete consulting system that I have developed with client companies and used for the past 20 years in corporations of all sizes?
  • What if there was an easy to follow, step-by-step blueprint that showed you how to do this quickly and easily, saving you the thousands of hours it took me and my staff to develop and perfect the system?
  • What if you could systematically help companies produce their products and services while they simultaneously build a high-performance, accountability culture?
  • What if you could work and develop your business in the context of our commitment-based system? Then, you will have experienced exactly what you will be implementing in companies.
  • What if you had propriety assessments to help you quickly diagnose what is blocking productivity? What if the diagnosis was linked to a proven intervention?
  • What if you had a roadmap?

You would jump on it! The opportunity is here. The aim of The Consulting Challenge Program is to help you accelerate the development of your consulting business so that you attract, serve and retain clients.


  • You get repeat business through generating significant, meaningful results for your clients.
  • You have the ability to handle any situation.
  • You develop a sustainable, profitable business.
  • You have the satisfaction of knowing you made a significant difference to your customers.
  • You have a sense of confidence that resides in knowing you have a fool proof system.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Bob and highly recommend him as a high performance leadership management consultant and teacher. Bob has taken sophisticated management theories and direct experience derived from many consulting engagements and synthesized a practical management system that is transformational for teams striving to improve their operational effectiveness and productivity. It’s foundation is built around a committed communications model and strong accountability system. Bob has skill and tools that enable rapid organization diagnosis of issues that affect operational effectiveness. He works collaboratively with management to develop effective individual and team action plans. Bob’s commitment continues through the delivery of excellent formal training and on-going management coaching that will elevate individuals and organizations to achieve significantly better business outcomes”.

Michael Paczan,
VP Manufacturing and CTO

Transformed state:

  • Having a roadmap for building your business and handing all the various conversations/interactions you will have. With a roadmap, you feel more prepared and confident to handle the demands and changing goals you face in 2009-2010.
  • Chaos, questioning and background anxiety buzz are diminished. You are crystal clear about what you need to learn and do to build your business.
  • Working inside a “commitment based” system, with support (debriefing) is highly energizing.
  • You know exactly what to do when your clients’ projects get changed overnight, resources diminish and and new initiatives and projects suddenly appear.
  • Leaders you coach find their teams are more integrated, participative and productive. Conflict are argument are being replaced by listening and discussion.
  • Reducing waste allows them to do more with the same resources faster.
  • The system you have set up allows your client managers to more successfully handle communicating across functions, companies and between countries. Imagine what it is like to have people doing what they promised.
  • Your clients are challenged by predictable problems with virtual production, lack of commitment and accountability but now have a system and steps to take to quickly make changes.
  • Your client managers are able to quickly intervene with issues of disinterest, misunderstanding, failure to follow through on commitments and their people having too many things to do.
  • The person that they report to, whether a board member or functional leader, wonders what they have done to be so productive!