TEAMICITY: Better Productivity Through Optimized Communication…The Anatomy of Highly Effective Team Interactions

What leader or manager doesn’t want energized, productive, satisfied workers, delighted customers, consistent efficiency and effectiveness, and breakthrough innovation?

Teamicity: Better Productivity through Optimized Communication shows how teams, groups, and entire companies actually get things done—and how having the mindset to drive results is key to creating incredible products and delivering great service.

Our latest book presents a change in the way managers interact with, lead, and manage others. Our approach advocates a shift in the philosophy, perspective, and approach to leading and managing.

To this end, we are proposing a proven system of complementary and integrated skills, tools, and practices co-developed with leading organizations that include Agilent Technologies, BEA Systems (Oracle), ETM, Adobe Systems, Wheel Works, PLUS Products, and the Stanford Advanced Project Management program.

With this system, leaders and managers can learn how to create a more effective working environment and achieve the outcomes they envision for their companies.

Early Praise for Teamicity Kindle Edition

“Your new Kindle book describes one of the most powerful, proven, people-oriented systems for developing agility and generating results ever developed.”

– Mark Morgan, CEO, Stratex Partners, Inc.

“TEAMICITY brings powerful new meaning to the overused term “productivity.” Rather than a narrow definition of efficiency, i.e. getting the most measurable work out of the individual worker, TEAMICITY re-imagines productivity as social synergy – the result of well-coordinated alignment around goals, mutual support, and accountability for commitments. TEAMICITY reflects many years of experience and learning on the part of the authors, and describes the way work really gets done in today’s fast-changing organizations.”

– Dan Montgomery, Managing Director, Agile Strategies

“This book breaks new ground in the all-important quest to translate vision into reality. Successful execution is the key to progress in any organization, and these authors have distilled their decades of experience into a systematic, proven and highly practical system for moving an organization to a new, higher level of accomplishment. Developing a commitment-based culture is a powerful and timely addition to everyone’s management system.  A must read!”

– Burt Nanus, Professor Emeritus of Management, University of Southern California, and author of Visionary Leadership and
Leaders Who Make a Difference

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