Team Dysfunction Checklist

Are you struggling with your team?

Anecdotal research reveals the most common complaints among coworkers concern misunderstandings and delay or outright failure of internal performers to deliver as promised. Frustration, distrust, resentment, resignation, and dissatisfaction are the result. These sentiments interfere with productive work and actually create additional work because of the complaints generated. If left unaddressed, this syndrome insidiously spreads through human contact, traveling throughout the company, leaving a wake of disenchantment.

The Team Dysfunction Checklist allows team leaders and members to pinpoint often hidden areas of breakdown negatively impacting teamwork, productivity, and satisfaction. In order to improve team functioning, leaders need an accurate assessment of the present situation, then based on results they can intervene and move the team toward the harmonious, satisfying and highly productive integrated state.

The Lauridsen Reinhardt Group has over 20 years of experience developing accountability cultures at both small and large companies. Here’s what we’ve discovered about high‐performing teams.

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