Sample High-Performance Interactions Inventory (HPII) for a Team

View a Sample HPII Score Report for a District Manager Being Considered for Promotion

Oscar, a district manager, was being considered for promotion to VP and sought help from The Lauridsen Reinhardt Group with communication issues in and around productivity.

The HPII 360 administered to Oscar had him assess himself and also have five others who work closely with him to assess the five core elements of high-performance interactions. His scores for effectively cooperating, collaborating, coordinating action, building trust, and competence with listening are shown in this score report.

The Lauridsen Reinhardt Group HPII coach used the results to determine where Oscar showed strengths and also where he might benefit from altering certain behaviors. Oscar successfully used the data and coaching to increase his value in daily interactions thus accelerating the development of the relational aspects of his communication with others and ultimately won the promotion.

Preview this sample of the HPII score report and see for yourself how the personalized results are delivered.

Preview this sample of an HPII Team score report and see for yourself how the results are delivered.

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