Creating Intended Results Consistently!

Management science has not kept up with the challenges you face. At this very moment, you are probably working from an obsolete leadership-management system that makes you work harder and longer. In certain cases, it actually prevents you from getting the breakthrough results that are demanded of you.

Simply delivering today’s products and services is not sufficient. Leaders are realizing that they must deliver on strategic goals while simultaneously developing an accountable, agile, high-performance organization in the process. Companies that do not comprehend that their “production machine” must be worked on while delivering their products fall by the wayside.

About the program:

  • Ask any leader or manager to list their frustrations creating extraordinary results through the efforts of others and they will point to things like disinterest, misunderstanding, failure to follow up on commitments, blown handoffs and having to do too many things themselves.
  • What if you could develop a bullet-proof, high performance work unit at the same time you are working on producing your products and services?
  • What if there was a way to leverage your leadership competence by adding a proven up-to-date management system that will make this year a banner year for you?
  • Participate in an extraordinary opportunity to work with Robert Lauridsen, an acknowledged expert in strategic alignment, high-performance communication and interaction. This program has been taught at Stanford, to world-wide trainers at Agilent Technologies and numerous corporations both large and small.
  • You will see significant and exceptional gains in both your leadership and managerial competence when you begin to apply our system.
  • You will discover powerful action tools that you and your people can use every day to enhance effectiveness in working with each other.


  • Make a powerful shift in the effectiveness and efficiency of daily interactions; save time by reducing wasted conversations while increasing commitments to goals and objectives.
  • Being more prepared and confident to handle the demands and changing strategic goals you face this year.
  • Possess perspective and tools to get your teams working together better than ever, solving complex problems and producing more with less.
  • You are on the path to eliminating waste and increasing profit.