The tremendous cost of ineffective executives

Realizing the tremendous cost of ineffective executives, companies are providing personal coaching to help executives gain an understanding of their management/leadership style and its impact on others. Additionally, managers are learning specific skills to effectively deal with circumstances arising from mergers/acquisitions, fast growth or downsizing. Some of the issues addressed include:

  • Dealing with change, new expectations and any corporate cultural shifts
  •  Assessing the impact and effectiveness of the manager’s style
  • Building collaborative partnerships with colleagues and direct reports
  • Coping with increased demands and rapid change
  • Instituting practices for leadership; making declarations, clarifying strategic intent, defining and implementing shared management standards, processes and practices.
  • Building capabilities for listening to new concerns, eliciting commitment, making assessments in new areas of expertise and managing a wider scope of activities.
  • Building mechanisms for speculation and planning the future.
  • Providing practical, effective coaching, pointing out areas of strength and areas for growth.

“When we started your training and consulting program I was looking for two things: clarity and focus. After two months in the program, that was achieved in spades. Not only was I more focused, but my entire team was enjoying the fruits of my participation in the program. We were able to implement a new way of interacting with each other based on commitments, we finished projects that never seemed to get done and we reached new milestones in terms of service and support. In addition to what our team and the business were able to accomplish, I personally gained an expansive collection of new communication, management and sales tools and techniques that have made me a better manager, a better communicator and a better leader.” Thank you!

Jonathan S., CEO
Bellatore, Inc

Much like personal fitness trainers, our consultants are rigorous with our clients in developing their skills and competencies. Assessments from those in contact with the manager are the first step in recognizing what works and what does not work in managing and leading others. Objective assessment tools provide honest, constructive information, revealing any gaps between the manager’s self-assessment of competence and that of his peers, boss and direct reports.

All too often, managers are unaware of their strengths and thus profit from an acknowledgement of those areas. Analyzing the assessments provides a foundation for addressing and developing specific areas to improve. On the job assignments and regular coaching sessions focusing on the manager’s learning projects provide structure and impetus for continued learning.

Please contact us for a brief conversation and materials regarding this program to see if it is right for you or your executive.